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Betty crossbody bag
Fuchsia Lush crossbody bag
This gorgeous handbag is very unique and trendy. These fuchsia studded lips will fit all of your most necessary items and soon become your favorite accessory. Wear it with your most elegant outfit, to a date or a rock concert. Luscious lips will make sure compliments towards you will never end...
Jolie hobo bag
Yes, I know, sometimes pink is very hard to resist. It's the ultimate girl's color and what can be better than a lovely bag to go with it? Jolie hobo bag will love you back. Handbag measurements are 19L x 1W x 10H ..
Pink Gem Crossbody Bag
Do you love classic quilted patterns and tassels? Do you smile for vintage accessories and think that fashion in those days was a lot more meaningful and upscale? Then why not go for this small but sweet Pink Gem crossbody bag! It has two compartments with tassel zippers, a long chain and cheet..
Planet Crossbody Bag
Rogue Crossbody Bag
Rogue crossbody bag certainly stands out with its unique shape and color. The metallic pink finish and gold accent chain will catch everyone's eye. Don't be fooled by its small size. This crossbody is very spacious inside and might surprise you with how many items it can hold. Bag measurements are 8..
Taffy crossbody bag
This corssbody bag was named Taffy because it's just so girly and sweet. Don't you just love bows? They make everything look cuter. The bag has half faux leather and half chain strap. Handbag measurements are 9.5L x 1.5W x 7.5H.  ..